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Gully emptiers adapted for working on sewage systems, for enhanced profitability


Renault Trucks C High pressure jetting truck

For all your sewage system works, you need robust and powerful vehicles with an optimised empty weight to make body-building easier for sewage flushing, scraping or suction excavator operations. Renault Trucks can guide you in your choice, and also has dedicated services for managing your fleet in optimal conditions.

High pressure jetting trucks: adapt your truck’s bodywork

Underground sewage works require for vehicles to have optimised empty weights, and for them to show enough power and torque to drive the necessary equipment and pumps. The Renault Trucks C model is a vehicle developed on a robust chassis, bearing a payload of up to 22.8 tonnes.

kg This is the Renault Trucks C’s empty weight in its 8x4 version, making it the lightest on the market.

With a maximum power of 460 hp, the DTI 11 engine will enable you to drive even the most demanding equipment through power take-offs in the engine or gearbox depending on the vehicle’s configuration. Its operational range offers a maximum torque worth 20% more than its market equivalent.

Renault Trucks C High pressure jetting truck

Renault Trucks works closely with its bodybuilders and equips its vehicles to suit their needs. The chassis overhang can be configured and lengths of 50mm increments to avoid unnecessary cutting of the frame members. Bodybuilders also have access to the Renault Trucks dedicated Bodybuilder Portal, where they can find detailed information and chassis specific bodybuilder drawings. For you this means more bodywork options, a simplified bodywork process and enabling reduced delivery times.

Renault Trucks C High pressure jetting truck

Organise tasks and monitor your hydro jetting trucks in real time

To use your vehicles to the maximum of their ability and as efficiently as possible, Renault Trucks developed Optifleet, a smart fleet management solution. This system enables you to schedule your routes and visualise your vehicles in real time. If an unforeseen event or change arises in your schedule, you can quickly reappoint drivers to another job. You can also feed back information regarding fuel consumption, driving habits or power take-offs. All this precise and objective information can raise awareness about fuel consumption, and can serve as a basis for efficient driving training. Optifuel Training courses are taught by Renault Trucks experts, who will convey the right behaviours and habits to your drivers, to help them reduce fuel consumption.

Optifleet also integrates third-party data, so your service providers can for instance monitor your fleet on their own portal or dashboard.

Optifleet is a true ally when it comes to profitability and pin-pointed management.

Anticipate maintenance and immobilization costs

Maintenance work for gully emptier is extremely specific. Thanks to its personalized maintenance plans, Renault Trucks takes charge of all maintenance and administrative operations for your vehicles, in line with their day-to-day use. This means you can focus entirely on your core activity without having to trouble yourself with breakdowns. Getting maintenance work done within our network also means making the most of our teams’ know-how and high standards - ensuring your municipal trucks keep to their original performance levels.

Simultaneously, Renault Trucks has a new predictive maintenance service available: Predict. Rather than being subjected to breakdowns and potential immobilizations, our service provides a form of anticipation. Your trucks’ data is saved to a dedicated digital platform, that closely monitors wear based on actual usage. If a component seems fragile or needs to be changed, your advisor will contact you before it breaks to schedule an intervention at a time that hinders your activity as little as possible. Thanks to Predict, you can benefit from maximum availability.

Reduce your maintenance costs

Drain jetting trucks can be costly upon purchase, and require a great deal of maintenance. To limit maintenance costs, Renault Trucks suggests using an eXchange service. This programme consists in renovating rather than replacing. When a truck part is defective, we disassemble and refurbish it. Before being recommissioned, the new part is tested and only approved if it meets the same requirements as for new parts. All components renovated by the standard eXchange factory benefit from a two-year fitted parts warranty, labour included. This means you can save on vehicle maintenance without losing in quality, whilst favouring recycling and sustainable development.

Choose the best financing option for your sewage operations

Hydro jetting trucks require large investments. Our advisors are fully aware of all your constraints and the scope of your activity, meaning they can offer you solutions that meet your needs down to a T. Our financing and insurance solutions are flexible and can adapt to your needs as a council.

Please, feel free to contact us to let us know your needs and receive personalized information.

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