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Logging transport in forests and on the road with the same efficiency


Logging Renault Trucks in Cameroon

Logging transport requires a vehicle that is at ease driving both on uneven ground in the forest, and out on the open road. The timber lorries and services offered by Renault Trucks are indeed both robust and efficient. Our advisors can guide you when choosing the most appropriate options for your activity. 

Select a robust timber lorry to ensure higher performance levels and safety

Loading timber in the forest and transporting it is a delicate operation, sometimes conducted in testing conditions. The loading area can be hard to access as the roads or paths are narrow and in poor condition. The transported loads are often very heavy and cumbersome. Robustness is a key quality for your trucks. When off-road in the loading area, all your vehicle’s technical features will be extremely useful.  

The Renault Trucks K XTREM 6x4 tractor boasts a loading capacity of up to 34 tonnes, and up to 120 tonnes in terms of GCW (Gross Combination Weight). It was specially designed for high-intensity situations. Its chassis is fitted with reinforced stringers, parabolic 4-bladed springs, and a 100% steel shield with protected headlights.  

Renault Trucks K crossing a big pool of muddy water in Cameroon

The Renault Trucks K high ground clearance (up to 33 cm) and 32° angle of attack, and its smaller cab make it easier to drive in the forest.  

Driver on board a Renault Trucks K in Cameroon

The driver’s position in the cab is ideal to ensure excellent visibility around the vehicle. There are also several driving aids available, such as a manual accelerator which can be very useful to avoid jolting when driving on bumpy terrain. For steep roads, which drivers may need to negotiate with a full load, the Optibrake engine brake is the best on the market and will be of great use. It will boost efficiency and safety for both the truck’s load and your drivers. 

Crane placing loggs on a trailer

The rear axle’s loading capacity can go up to 32 tonnes, so you can install the crane you require and chassis is ready to be fitted with platform-crane equipment. It has all the necessary connections for controlling the crane (switches and screen display), crane support plates (from 20 to 40 tonnes/metre) and has several free spaces for installing the stands.  

Our Renault Trucks K model in action in Cameroon

Reduce your maintenance costs

The conditions in which timber transport is carried out can be particularly demanding for your vehicles, namely in terms of brakes and suspensions. The quality ensured by Renault Trucks’ original parts makes for high performance and durability. As such, your work tool will be available for longer. 

When a part needs replacing, Renault Trucks offers new genuine Renault Trucks parts but also has an alternative solution: its standard exchange service. As part of this programme, original parts are renovated and tested in a dedicated factory before being put back on the market. They offer the same level of performance and the same features as new ones, and have a two-year warranty (parts and labour). By using recycled parts, you can reduce your maintenance budget and contribute to the circular economy and to the principle of sustainable development.  

Moreover, to better anticipate maintenance and minimise vehicle downtime, Renault Trucks also offers personalised maintenance plans, created in partnership with you in keeping with your logging transport needs. Your budget can therefore be planned, controlled and staggered throughout the entire duration of the contract you opt for. This also means you can keep your vehicles for longer, thanks to regular and high-standard maintenance provided by the brand. In aiming to boost vehicle availability, you could also call upon the mobile workshops set up by Renault Trucks - where technicians come on site, directly to your place of work, to inspect your vehicles.  

Finance your logging trucks in line with timber transport constraints

Your contract manager is there to support you through financing and insurance stages. As a professional within the sector, they are aware of the many constraints linked to logging transport, and can adapt your contract’s clauses based on your activity and needs. They can for instance spread out vehicle financing according to the time it takes to build the bodywork, or can base the contract’s duration on time rather than mileage - as the latter is generally fairly low and not particularly representative for logging trucks. All these solutions will help preserve your borrowing capacity and cash flow. 

Feel free to contact us for some advice, and to be sent a personalised proposal. 

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