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Emergency and Fire services: act safely on any terrain



Renault Trucks C with High Power Foam Fire appliances

As a firefighter, you can be called upon at any time, on all fronts and on all kinds of terrain. Renault Trucks provides you with its know-how, and its long-standing experience in working with your trade and bodybuilders to help you choose the best emergency service vehicles (fire truck, tanker truck, etc.). We can also advise you on the services that could help you protect others whilst protecting yourselves.

Discover our range of emergency service vehicles

Renault Trucks have collaborated with fire stations for over a century. Drawing on this long-standing partnership, we work closely in parnetship with body-builders so we can offer you the best-suited vehicles for your activity, perfectly designed for emergency interventions. Our Renaul Trucks Master,Renault Trucks D and D WIDE, Renault Trucks C and Renault Trucks K meet your requirements, whether you are called out to the town, on the road, to forest or house fires, for industrial risks or special operations.

Fire trucks: intervene quickly, under all circumstances

We know you can be called upon to attend on all kinds of terrain. It is therefore essential for you to have easy to handle and compact vehicles for in-town operations, with a short turning radius and suitable torque even in lower gears (900 rpm for our Renault Trucks C).

m This is the turning radius for our Renault Trucks D

Ensuring suitable working conditions for firefighters

To protect other people to the best of their ability, firefighters must first protect themselves and make sure the conditions are suitable. The first stage of an operation is starting up the fire truck! This is why we designed a key that cannot be lost. In addition, Renault Trucks have designed the lowest steps possible, making it easier for the driver and passengers to climb in and out.

On the Renault Trucks Master, the first step is only 436 mm off the ground.

Katell Simon Product Manager

Its side doors can open up to 1270 mmin width. All vehicles are delivered with empty space on the chassis for essential equipment used in all kinds of scenarios, such as water pumps for tanker trucks, lighting equipment or large cutters for road incidents. Vehicles dedicated to fire-fighting are pre-equipped to receive thermal protection, which shields firefighters for 10 minutes at 130°C should their truck be surrounded by fire.

Firefighters: make the most of our long-standing partnership with local body-builders

Your vehicle needs depend on the situation you are called out to. This is why our chassis are designed to accommodate the truck you need for all scenarios. With a view to meeting all requirements, Renault Trucks relies on seven different chassis bases, ranging from 3.3 to 33 tonnes. These include road assistance vans such as a Renault Trucks Master, high-power fire trucks such as the Renault Trucks C or K, and also our Renault Trucks D.

Our body-builder partners have access to the Renault Trucks bodybuilder portal - a dedicated website on which the following items can be found:

  • Detailed technical sheets for all vehicles
  • Drawings at a scale of 1/20th
  • Assembly instructions

This makes their work easier and reduces lead times before vehicle delivery. This close collaboration also means our offers can evolve based on the tasks you are entrusted with, and your professional expectations.

Anticipate truck maintenance to avoid vehicle downtime

Vehicle and parts availability is a key point. To prevent vehicle downtime and avoid any unplanned stops, Renault Trucks has developed a new and innovative service. By subscribing to a PREDICT contract, your vehicles will be registered within a digital platform and it’s maintenance will be closely monitored and followed-up on. If work is deemed necessary or a part needs replacing, your advisor will contact you and schedule a service. Our goal is to keep unplanned vehicle downtime to a minimum.

Reduce your emergency service vehicles’ consumption

Fuel consumption is a major expense for emergency vehicles. To better manage your fleet, you can choose to use Optifleet - a smart fleet management service offered by Renault Trucks. With it, you can locate your vehicles in real time and be sent specific information regarding vehicle consumption and usage by drivers. Optifleet can be accessed via a website or smartphone application.

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