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As a business owner in the construction or building sector, you are often required to work on uneven sites, and deliver cumbersome materials to places that are hard to access. You need robust vehicles with a high payload, bodywork that is well-adapted to your activity, and services that reduce your usage costs. Renault Trucks offers all of this, and helps you choose the equipment best-suited to your needs.

Material transport: find the best specifications for your activity

The construction world comprises many different realities. Renault Trucks offers solutions suitable not only to different kinds of construction sites, but also to the various materials transported - with several possible models and combinations. Depending on your tonnage and power requirements, we can guide you towards four different vehicle bases:

  • Renault Trucks Master 4x2 or 4x4 (3.3 t to 7.5 t)
  • Renault Trucks D Cab 6.9 ft. 4x2 or 4x4 (7.5 t to 16 t)
  • Renault Trucks C Cab 7.55 ft. 6x4 (18 t to 19 t)
  • Renault Trucks C Cab 8.2 ft. 8x2*6 Tridem (32 t to 80 t)
Renault Trucks Master Construction
Renault Trucks D Construction

The Renault Trucks C 8x2*6 Tridem was specially developed to meet material transport needs, and for a platform-crane configuration. Designed based on a 6x4 chassis, it was fitted with an extra axle at the rear. It can be raised and lowered, and is a guiding element that allows for better manoeuvrability as it reduces the turning radius by 15%.

The vehicle is easier to handle than an 8x4, and has a larger loading capacity than a 6x4.

The PMR2191 double-reduction drive, whose weight is similar to a single-reduction drive, allows for an extra payload of 200 kg.

Opt for the bodywork that best suits your material transport equipment

So you can best adapt the bodywork or platform that suits your activity, Renault Trucks pays very close attention to its collaboration with body-builders. Our chassis are pre-fitted with hooks and plates along the chassis, to secure assembly and guarantee utmost reliability. For vehicles on which a crane is being installed, we have already fitted mounting plates, pre-wired the chassis and in the cab, and have cleared some space on the chassis for the foot of the crane.

Our standard installation includes an electronic body control unit (BBM), to secure crane or stabiliser operations. This control unit informs the driver of what the status is for each bodywork item, via a dashboard screen. All this makes the body-builders’ work easier, and means you can have the bodywork you want, with a shorter lead time.

Secure on-site material delivery

Material delivery to the construction site is not something one should take lightly. Construction sites are often on uneven ground, muddy, difficult to access, with slopes that can sometimes be fairly steep. Drivers must have robust vehicles, that are easy to handle.

° This is the angle of attack for the Renault Trucks C Tridem, which reduces the risk of damage under the chassis.

Its bumper is made of 100% steel, and its ground clearance can go up to 12.3 inches under the axle, and 17.3 inches under the fuel tank.

To ensure safety within construction sites, drivers can count on multiple driving aids on Renault Trucks C models:

  • Optidriver automatic gearbox with an off-road mode for on-site driving
  • Optitrack system for improved engine function between 0 and 20 miles/h
  • Manual accelerator to avoid jolts on uneven ground
  • Optibrake, the most powerful engine brake on the market
  • Electric and automatic parking brake to secure loading

During loading and unloading, grab lorry drivers can safely monitor operations thanks to a side step and handlebars placed on the roof. Once back on the road, drivers can enjoy the quality and comfort expected from a long-haul truck, with a spacious cab and sufficient comfort to spend several nights. The goal is for drivers to be able to face all sorts of situations, and manage several journeys in the best possible conditions.

Reduce usage costs

To make the best possible use of your company’s drivers and vehicles, Renault Trucks has developped Optifleet - a fleet management tool. By geo-tracking your trucks and feeding back driving data, you can organise your journeys as efficiently as possible, or change them at the last minute if necessary.

Discover our Optifleet solutions

Managing unforeseen events is great, avoiding them is even better! Renault Trucks developed its all-new service, Predict, to avoid unforeseen breakdowns and immobilisations. By combining human expertise and digital innovations, vehicle wear can be anticipated and breakdowns can be prevented before they even happen. When a truck requires maintenance, your advisor will contact you and determine the best time for a service - a time when vehicle immobilisation is least intrusive for your company’s activity.

Also with a view to anticipating and safeguarding your activity, Renault Trucks offers fixed-price personalised maintenance plans. Intervention duration is determined in advance when making the appointment, and all spare parts and labour are under warranty to ensure long life and high performance for your vehicles.

Find the most appropriate financing programme for your material transport activity

Renault Trucks is also available to help you finance your vehicles. Our financing and insurance offers were specially designed for material transport professionals, and can adapt to your company’s size and activity - thus helping to maintain your loan capacity and cash flow. Based on your needs, you can opt for hire-purchase or finance lease solutions. We will of course help you find the best option for your business.

Feel free to contact us for advice and to find out more about our offers.


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