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The Renault Trucks E-Tech offer comprises both a range of high performance electric vehicles and all-round support for customers in their energy transition, from their initial purchase to monitoring the operations of their electric trucks.

This 360° support is structured in four phases:

1. Understanding: We define your needs together

“What are the different options to lower CO2 emissions?”

“Are battery electric trucks the right choice for me?"

An initial phase during which Renault Trucks helps customers draw up their decarbonisation plans and analyse and define their needs. The manufacturer provides its expertise in the solutions available on the market and understanding of the business constraints of its customers. 

2. Diagnostic: We recommend the best solution for your needs

“How can I reach my targets in CO2 reduction?”

“How can I secure my fleet will adapt to coming regulations over years?” 

“Are you sure the autonomy is sufficient for my routes?”

A second phase of diagnosis, based on precise knowledge of the customer's activity, including analysis of the fleet and routes and an analysis of the sites' electrical facilities. It involves use of simulation tools to help customers make decisions and monitor their activity, such as a carbon emission reduction simulator and an autonomy simulator. Following this diagnosis, Renault Trucks provides the customer with a detailed recommendation, which includes a roll-out schedule and a forecast of the reduction in CO2 emissions for the coming years.

3. Solution design: We are the architect of your project

“Can I try the vehicle in real conditions for a period of time?”

“Can you be the architect to design the complete solution with all required partners (charging etc.)?”

Next, a phase during which Renault Trucks becomes the architect of the decarbonisation project and co-builds the new electric mobility ecosystem alongside the customer. The solution includes financing, taking into account local or governmental subsidies, the definition and setup of the complete truck with its equipment and bodywork, on-site charging facilities, maintenance agreements, etc. It is during this phase that Renault Trucks provides its Customer with an electric truck, so that it can be tested in real working conditions.

4. Implementation and operation

“Can you be the project manager to drive the plan until completion, with all stakeholders ?”

“Can you assist my drivers, who are a bit anxious, operating the trucks ? »

“Can you support me during operations with monitoring and coaching for increased efficiency?”

In the final phase, Renault Trucks acts as the project manager for the customer's decarbonisation solution: installation of on-site charging facilities, training of drivers and fleet administrators, etc. Last but not least, Renault Trucks and its network support customers in the operational monitoring of their fleet, thanks to vehicle connectivity. This involves the manufacturer monitoring the charging facilities, tracking driving and consumption and making suggestions for optimisation, recommending routes, and optimising maintenance operations.


4 phases of Renault Trucks Electromobility support

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